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We have several machines for precision mechanical processing, automatic turning machines, machining centers and milling machines pallet changer.


Below are listed some of them with their various technical characteristics.

TAKAMAZ x-200 cnc turning machine with counter spindle and 12 stations all motorized


Technical data:



Number of controlled axes 4

Max. turning diameter mm340

Max. turning length mm510

Max. Spindle bar/Counter spindle Ø mm51(65)


Left spindle

Self-centring chuck diameter mm210(254)

Rotation speed rpm5000(4000)

Shank - ASA 6(8)

AC motor power kW/30min.15(18.5)


Right spindle

Self-centring chuck diameter mm170

Rotation speed rpm5000

Shank - ASA 5

Motor power AC kW/30min.7.5


Upper automatic turret (left)

Number of tools 12

Number of motorized tools nr.12

Motorized tools speed nr.4000


FAMUP vertical milling center with strokes from mm 1000x500;


Technical data:


FAMUP vertical machining center model MCX1000 with 3 controlled axes. Steering unit FANUC 0M, 24 tools. Working field 1000x600x600.

famup emco 100-50.jpg

Emco Famup MC 100-50 pallet changer


Electrospindle 12000 rpm - 35 kW (S6)

Table: useful surface: 1000x450mm

Z axis vertical stroke: 640mm

Number of storage places: 30


TAKISAWA CNC turning machine with bar passage diameter 60 mm and turning up to diameter 300 mm


Technical data:

Rotating diameter: 540 mm

Turning diameter: 330 mm

Bar passage: 75 mm

Distance between centers: 510 mm

Spindle motor: 15 kw

Spindle speed: 3200 rpm

Self-centering: 250 mm

Turret positions: 10

Tailstock in cycle: yes

Control: FANUC 21 TB

CNC MORI SEIKI turning machine with automatic bar feeder, for bars up to diameter 42 mm


Technical data:

Distance between centers 625 mm

Number of simultaneous axes 2

Turning diameter above slide 350 mm

Turning diameter above pallet 520 mm

Spindle hole 61 mm

Turning diameter 260 mm

Turning length 550 mm



Longitudinal stroke (Z-axes) 590 mm

Transversal stroke (X-axes) 160 mm


Revolver turret: Number 1

Number of revolver positions 1 - 12


Spindle taper attachment: VDI 40

Spindle taper shank diameter 25 mm

Camlock A2-6 JIS


Spindle speed

with continuous variable speed drive

from 42 rpm

up to 4200 rpm



with continuous variable speed drive

Longitudinal from 0 mm/min

up to 12000 mm/min

Planetary from 0 mm/min

up to 1500 mm/min

Connection 50 Hz 3x 380 Volt

Spindle motor 11 kW

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